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BLUISH MEDIA | azure connexion is a digital media content production and management business unit (a Tokyo-based registered sole proprietorship), which tells you multilingual travel stories that we think are noteworthy and deserve to be archived on various online media platforms. We plan, research, interview, write, translate/transcreate, subtitle, edit, distribute, market, and manage media content in the forms of writing, videography, and photography in Japanese and English. Our aim is to share with you the awesomeness and diversity of people and cultures on the planet through quality digital storytelling. While our operating office is located in Tokyo, Japan, the editors are virtually location-independent being thrilled to venture everywhere around the globe.

Our business

Multilingual digital media content production
We plan, research, interview, write, translate/transcreation, and edit media content in multilingual writing, Ultra HD(DCI 4K 12bit/RAW) videography, photography, and audio.

 Regular & contracted contributions include:
 * Japanese content editing & writing for a cloud-based media production company (2022-present)
 * Videography and editing as a registered content contributor for stock footage services, (2013-present)
 * Production of text/photo/video travelogues for aviation and tourism publications (2012-present)
 * Field direction, reporting, and interviewing for radio/internet audio broadcastings (2007-2021)

Translation/transcreation and localization + subtitle editing
We translate/transcreate and localize media content between English, Japanese, and other languages, including tasks of transcription of voice content and video subtitles editing
. We also produce and manage online news media content of video/photo/text in English and Japanese.

 Regular & contracted contributions include:
 * English-Japanese transcreation & content editing for a cloud-based media production company (2022-present)
 * Subtitle translation and editing for multinational on-demand video content providers (2015-present)

Digital news content management
We produce and manage online news media with video/photo/text content in English and Japanese.

 Regular & contracted contributions include:
 * Visual content editing and quality-checking for video news media (2016-present)
 * News writing, reporting, and editing of content for online news media (2008-present)

Own web media publishing (primarily in Japanese)
 * DP:UR | Desire Paths, Uncensored Rove

Visual Content Samples – on the pages Travel Videos and Stock Footage and Travel Photos.


Content Editor, Writer – K. K. Yam (Keizo Kay Yamamoto)

BLUISH MEDIA | azure connexion (a registered sole proprietorship)
2-10-10 Higashi-shimbashi, Higashi-shimbashi Building 2F-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021 Japan
〒105-0021 東京都港区東新橋2-10-10東新橋ビル2F-2 c/o azure connexion, LLC

Phone:  +81 (0)3-4590-5841
email:  office@bluishmedia.com