Content Editor, Writer, and Translator

Keizo Kay Yamamoto (K. K. Yam)

Roving Cross-lingual Editor and Writer

Keizo Kay Yamamoto (a.k.a K. K. Yam) is a tranquil rover and deliberate writer, weaving monologues, dialogues, and travelogues into the digital realm.

He also serves as an independent English-Japanese content editor, interviewer, translator, and subtitler. Since 2006, he has contributed to numerous media content production projects in Japan and globally under his digital media sole proprietorship Bluish Media (formerly BLUISH MEDIA OÜ | azure connexion, LLC).

Keizo is a native Japanese speaker and writer fluent in English (TOEIC score 950+), with proficiency in other languages. He pursued studies in Languages, Information Science and Management, and Multimedia Communications at universities and a graduate school in both Japan and the U.S. Before 2006, Keizo accumulated professional experience as an Airport Manager and Marketing Specialist at prominent global airlines based in the U.S. and U.K.

Having lived and worked in Japan, the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the EU, Keizo has visited over 600 airports across 85 countries and regions on 5 continents, flying with 100+ different airlines since the late 20th century. Currently based in Tokyo and Sapporo.

A user of XTM, Wordfast, memoQ, and other translation management tools.

Passed the Qualification Test for the Hokkaido Gov-certified Outdoor Nature Guide (2024)

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山本ケイゾー (K. K. Yam)



フリーランスのコンテンツエディター、インタビュアー、翻訳者および字幕制作者(英日)としてもさまざまなメディア関連業務に携わり、2006年からは自身が運営するビジネスユニットBluish Media(旧 BLUISH MEDIA OÜ | azure connexion, LLC)をベースに、日本と世界各地のコンテンツ制作プロジェクトに参画しています。

母国語の日本語に加え、英語を含む多言語でのコミュニケーションに精通(TOEICスコア 950+)。日米の大学と大学院で言語、経営情報、マルチメディアコミュニケーションを学び、米国と英国に本社を置く航空会社の空港とマーケティング部門での勤務経験があります。


XTMWordfastmemoQ ほかの翻訳管理ツールユーザー。


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