Keizo Yamamoto  – say “KAY-zoh YAH-mah-MOH-toh”
roving news editor, documentarian

At his own digital media company azure connexion, LLC (established in New York in 2003 and started Tokyo operation in 2006), Keizo works as a writer, reporter, interviewer, English-Japanese translator, video subtitler, videographer, photographer and content editor for a number of news outlets and media projects in Japan and other parts of the world.

Regular contributions include:
– Field reporter and interviewer for radio broadcastings (2007-)
– News writer, reporter, editor for online news media (2008-)
– Contributing writer and traveloguer for travel publications (2012-)

Further to pursue his visual content production career, he also works as a videographer, video editor, documentarian and subtitler at another his own business entity BLUISH MEDIA Limited (established in Hong Kong in 2012).

 Regular contributions include:
– Registered videographer, editor, content contributor for online stock footage services, (2013-)
– Contributing subtitling translator/editor for multinational on-demand video content companies (2015-)
– Visual content editor and quality-checker for video news media (2016-)

A native of Japanese. Studied Video Journalism, Information Science and Management in the U.S. and Japan (MA pending). Prior to 2006, Keizo worked for three major US and UK-headquartered commercial airlines as an airport manager and marketing specialist. He lived in Japan, the U.S., Thailand. He has set foot at more than 500 airports in over 80 countries in 5 continents by flying more than 90 different airlines since the late 20th century. Currently, Tokyo-based.

Skype: slowtripper
Instagram: keizoyamamoto