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K. K. Yam (Keizo Kay Yamamoto・山本ケイゾー)
– say “KAY-zoh Keɪ YAH-mah-MOH-toh” for the full name

Quiet Traveler, Slow Writer (Content Editor + Translator + Subtitler)  
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K. K. Yam is a lifelong traveler, English/Japanese content editor, writer, translator, and ex-airline marketer. At his own digital media business unit BLUISH MEDIA (a Tokyo-based sole proprietorship – formerly named BLUISH MEDIA OÜ | azure connexion, LLC), he has been independently working as a bilingual content editor, writer, reporter, interviewer, documentarian, translator, subtitler, and cinematographer for a number of publishers/e-publishers, news outlets, and travel media projects in Japan and other parts of the world.

A native of Japanese with a command of English and other languages. Studied Video Journalism, Information Science, and Management at universities and a graduate school in the U.S. and Japan. Prior to 2006, K. K. Yam worked for three US and UK commercial airlines as an airport services manager and marketing specialist. Having lived in Japan, the U.S., and Thailand (plus the U.K. and Hong Kong briefly), he has set foot at more than 600 airports in over 85 countries on 5 continents by flying more than 100 different airlines since the late 20th century. Currently multi-based in Tokyo, Sapporo, and the cloud.

A professional member of ONLINE NEWS ASSOCIATION.

A user of XTM, Wordfast, and other translation management systems.

Vimeo Expert as a cinematographer.
Visual content samples – on the pages Travel Videos, Stock Footage and Travel Photos

Twitter:    @kkyam_amot
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